Tips for a healthy lawn

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Tips for a healthy Lawn


Everything needs water to grow!

Watering your lawn is one of the most important ways to keep your lawn healthy!




It is better to mow early rather than too late in the spring.

Grass grows from the bottom of the leaf pushing the dead brown tissue to the leaf tip. Although it appears brown from above, it is actively growing and needs mowing before you realize it.



Everything needs water to grow!

Mowing at 3” or higher is the best way to maintain a healthy lawn. An easy way is to measuring from the concrete to the actual blade tip.


Sharp blades are important in the care of your lawn.

Dull blades can cause trouble for your lawn. That is why it is important to keep your blades sharp. Not only will you create a more attractive look, you will also save energy.



Change your mowing patterns to distribute the wear.

Most will mow in two directions to create a

checker-board pattern. This allows your lawn to grow at an even rate and creates great curb appeal.



Most people think the spring time mean it's time to fertilize their lawn.

The truth is, the fall is the best time to distribute fertilizer. This will promote year-round growth and adequate weed control.


Leaf removal is a simple way to create a greener, healthier lawn.

Leaves that cover your lawn during winter cause dramatic harm to the health of your yard. Not removing leaves can create solid masses that make it difficult for the moisture to penetrate- neglecting your lawn from the water and nutrients it needs.


Mulch, to most homeowners and businesses is used to increase the aesthetic appeal of their yard.

However, mulch provides much more.  It also retains precious moisture--especially in plant beds and keeps weeds down.


Aeration keeps your lawn healthy by opening airways and revitalizing the soil.

During routine grass clippings and the winter season, most lawns lose water and nutrients.


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