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Snow & Ice Removal


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Snow & ICe Removal

Snow and ice maintenance helps to reduce your risk of slips and falls before, during, and after inclement weather.

• The Bureau of Labor reports that slip-and-fall injuries are the third largest cause of workplace



• The National Floor and Safety Institute states the average cost to defend against a slip-and-fall

   lawsuit is $50,000 and the average judgment awarded is cases that go to trial is $100,000


• The National Safety Council recognizes slip-and-falls as the single largest cause of emergency room


Diversity Lawncare Inc. wants to help you avoid injuries by offering snow and ice maintenance. Because our clients’ needs are unique, we've created customized pricing to fit any budget.

By the hour: This method provides customers with precise and accurate prices. Customers are billed for company’s time spent on the job.

By the push: The push may occur during the day or night. Pricing may vary for commercial properties

and is based on the time of the storm. During a blizzard or unusual snowfall conditions, contractors

have a clause which allows them to charge “hourly.” Furthermore, some contracts charge a flat rate

for “2-8” of snowfall and then charge for multiple clearings during one event. This method can become

costly for the customer.

By the inch: This pricing method is beneficial to the contractor and customer. The customer knows up

front what they will be charged therefore making budgeting easier.

By the season: This method requires the contractor to make an efficient plan to manage snowfall.

Customers are provided with a seasonal price that does not fluctuate for a certain period of time.

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