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Diversity Lawn Care’s professional care means providing the highest quality service while responding to your lawn’s most urgent needs.  A proper combination of weed control and fertilization will result in healthier, greener, more attractive yard. In addition to standard services such as moving, Diversity Lawn Care offers year-round services to keep your lawn vibrant and healthy during harsh winter months.


Aeration keeps your lawn healthy by opening airways and revitalizing the soil. This process is highly recommended in the Midwest. During routine grass clippings and the winter season, most lawns lose water and nutrients. Aerating creates keyholes that deliver water and vital nutrients to the roots. Core aeration is beneficial for stimulating new leaf and root growth.



Fertilization helps to add nutrients to your lawn for adequate growth. Throughout the changing seasons, your lawn will need five to six applications to accommodate changing climates and growth periods. A proper combination of aeration, fertilization, and clipping will create a full, healthy, and green lawn.


Leaf Removal

Leaves on the turf all winter long can harm your lawn. Not removing leaves a can create solid masses that make it difficult for moisture to penetrate throughout the turf. Piling both leaves and snow on top of your grass creates a lack of sunlight, causing your lawn to have a yellow appearance and making it a breeding ground for various types of diseases. Removal of leaves is an easy way to keep your lawn healthy.

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